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Grima Services

Providing nothing but the best top-tier server setups and development known in the Minecraft game server industry for Content Creators.

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Gamebyte is a customer support and company operative artificial intelligence focused on making your life as efficient and easy as possible.

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Lifesteal Fun

Providing a top-tier and unique Minecraft game server focused on bringing true competitive gameplay to the most popular scenes in PvP.

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Configuration & Development

We cover all areas of Configuration and Development.


Almost all types of plugins and versions can be configured by us. We spend our time configuring your plugins and make sure they meet your standards.

Plugin Development

We can create any plugin your heart desires! Simply request what you want us to create, and we will make it!

Server Setup

We'll set up a brand for your community that's perfectly tailored to your needs. We'll take our time building your brand and make sure it meets your standards.

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Create a commission ticket on our Discord Server to submit a project request. We make certain that you are well taken care of while you are with us!

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Why you should choose Play Games

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Only the most skilled developers and configurators with years of experience are hired at Play Games!

Standards and Quality

At Play Games, our standards for quality of work are quite high. We promote the use of high standards in our projects!


Play Games has an impeccable reputation with our clients for satisfying their setup or plugin requests!


Before we begin a project we ask our clients numerous questions to ensure we do as they request without any mistakes!

Reputable Clients

All of our previous and present clients are satisfied with our service.










Lifesteal Fun





Rusty Isles




Lifesteal MC


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Sold Network


Instagram Marketing

Meet The Team

These individuals make all the possibilies true.

Shortaholic CEO and Founder

G'day mate! I'm Nicolas Grima, a 20 year old Entrepreneur from Australia focusing on future customer support and company operatives with Artificial Intelligence. I manage and operate Play Games, making sure our team is operational and doing what matters! Our mission is to shape the future of AI technology and bring it to Minecraft game servers!

Cruciallity Creative Director

Howdy! I'm Cruciallity, and I'm a Creative Director at Play Games. I collaborate with our clients to make sure that anything they'd like on their server is made possible. As well as getting largely involved in the Management aspects of Play Games, I'll frequently be assisting with the development of our client's servers. When I'm not working on Play Games, you'll probably find me educating myself on new skills or playing videogames!

Mekhi Server Director

Hey there, my name is Mekhi. At Play Games, I'm the Server Director and I enjoy working on creative projects and getting them seen by the right sets of eyes. Not to mention shaking hands. I spend my days connecting with others, building up projects, and discovering the best ways to grow a product or service. Outside of my work, you’ll find me watching valorant, soccer, or hanging out with the crew.

Daniel Hosting Director

Hey everyone, I’m Daniel! I’m the Hosting Director here at Play Games. I’m head of any hosting related operations, including operating our partnered hosting company, and overseeing the transitions of clients from one business to another. In my free time I love cycling and music.

Celesty Head of Community

Hello, I'm Celesty! I am the Head of Community Management at Play Games. My main focus is that the community is listened to and their questions are answered along with Managing many Minecraft servers that are crated by Play Games. In my free time I enjoy playing stardew valley and reading!

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